Every change is a good chance to start afresh, if you've got a clear direction in mind.


Separate out the keys skills from the nice-to-haves.


Every desk is different, so determining the right fit is job 1.


There's a lot to know in the first few months. Are you ready to train?


Small course corrections early on will help avoid having to turn the whole boat around later.


Help your assistants quickly assimilate to the new culture.


Keep the momentum going with skills training and continual mentoring.


Help your assistants rock their performance reviews and become the stars they're meant to be.

Hello, future

Help your assistants plan their careers with you.

What we do

You’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner. You need good, reliable admin support, but not all the time, or…

You’ve got projects you’d like to do if you only knew how to do them, or…

You’ve got a new admin assistant, and you’re not sure how to train them now the old assistant is gone, or…

You’re a small business who could use a fresh set of eyes on what’s holding you up.

I can help.

Q: What do you get when you mix an executive assistant, a legal assistant, a commercial printer, an entrepreneur, a writer, and business school together?

A: The wacky resume of someone who lives on coffee, and is trained to see gaps in business processes.

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Custom Notepads – Lana Wickstrom

Custom Notepads – Lana Wickstrom

Instead of generic legal pads, Lana's vision was to have large notepads for use by herself and her clients, in her brand colours, and prepunched so they could easily be filed in binders. The paper is smooth and heavier in weight than regular 20 lb bond, thus subtly projecting the overall brand image of quality and professionalism.

Custom Binders – Lana Wickstrom

Custom Binders – Lana Wickstrom

Lana needed binders for her clients that a) had subtle branding; b) had a pocket in the front for photos; and c) were cost-effective. After considering the cost of custom-printed binders, we opted to make decals in her brand colours and affix them to standard white binders. This solution fit all the criteria, and the decals are usable on a multitude of other items from journals to calendars.

Presentation folders – Lana Wickstrom

Presentation folders – Lana Wickstrom

Lana's vision was for presentation folders that both helped her clients organize their documents, and also discreetly carried her brand. We opted for her graphic logo on a heavyweight presentation folder in off-white. The effect is subtle and professional.

Brochure – Next Step Financial Solutions

Brochure – Next Step Financial Solutions

Next Step Financial Solutions offers two distinct services and needed brochures that helped differentiate between divorce financial analysis (this one), and money coaching. We had fun with this project, quickly designing a draft that reflected Wendy's brand, and then working on the copy. The printing was done by Minuteman Press, and the work is exceptional: the colours are true, the glossy stock feels luxurious, and the folding is crisp. Pictured is the front and back of the brochure, showing 2 of Next Step's 3 brand colours of red, black and beige.

Brochure – Next Step Financial Solutions

Brochure – Next Step Financial Solutions

Next Step Financial Solutions offers two distinct services and needed brochures that helped differentiate between divorce financial analysis and money coaching (this one). Like the first brochure, we went through several drafts before landing on the right copy and design. Wendy loved the swoop bouncing across the back of the tri-panels, which fades from front to back. Minuteman Press also did the work on this brochure, with equally great results. Pictured is the front and back of the brochure. Wendy also loved how her brochures looked together, being both similar in brand colours, yet different in design.

Mail Out – Next Step Financial Solutions

Mail Out – Next Step Financial Solutions

Next Step Financial was planning a re-launch: new brochures, new web site, and new financial services. The Admin Gap assisted in all areas from brochure design to print management, wrote the cover letter copy, and managed all the finicky little details involved in a mail out. Minuteman Press handled the printing and mailing, and the turnaround times were exceptional. Best of all, Next Step Financial is receiving numerous calls as a result of the mail out.

Temp Manual – Macro Properties

Temp Manual – Macro Properties

Macro Properties was in need of a manual to use as a training resource and reference for temporary staff. Macro had been working on a draft for a while, but hadn't been able to get this particular project off the To Do list. The final manual is 31 pages, updated, rewritten, formatted, and contains a Table of Contents with links in the soft copy.

Standing Banner – THE ADMIN GAP®

Standing Banner – THE ADMIN GAP®

The upside of having some graphic design knowledge is being able to do your own marketing products. I did this one for my booth at the Women Entrepreneurs of SK in May, 2017. The dimensions are 31x80". Minuteman Press did the printing and assembly.

Videos – Next Step Financial

Videos – Next Step Financial

For the re-launch of, Wendy commissioned a series of 5 short videos. We shot the videos in our offices, and I spent a few days editing. This was a hugely satisfying project. Wendy's warmth and personality shines through in her videos, which are now featured on her site.

Poster – IACP

Poster – IACP

The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals wanted to showcase its sponsors with a 24x36" poster, a 8.5x11 page, and a PowerPoint slide. THE ADMIN GAP® was able to find hi-res logos for each of the sponsors, in order to ensure the best printed result.

Poster – Johnston and Tenold

Poster – Johnston and Tenold

Wendy Johnston and Darla Tenold were putting on a workshop and needed a poster, Picatic header, and newspaper ad. They chose blue and yellow as their favourite colours. The print ad ran in the Saskatoon Leisure Guide, in black and white.

Video – Lana Wickstrom

Video – Lana Wickstrom

Lana wanted to do a video for Facebook, to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. THE ADMIN GAP® shot the video in the office, & then cut and edited it to just under 2 minutes. Lana released it on June 30th, and had over 1000 views in 2 days. It's been seen by 2220 people.


  • Thank you very much for speaking to our class on the topic of probationary contracts and setting oneself up to be successful as an administrative assistant. I know the students will be able to take the information you shared with them to help build a successful career.

    Pauline Eng, Program Coordinator, Walter Murray Admin Assistant Program
  • It wasn't just the insightful streamlining and intuitive improvements that Linda from THE ADMIN GAP® gifted to my business that defined her immense value. The contributions of THE ADMIN GAP® enabled me take advantage of why I became an entrepreneur in the first place: time to be creative, flexibility in my days and more direct client contact doing what I love.

    THE ADMIN GAP® specializes in all of the complicated and often overwhelming tasks that frustrated me, stole my precious time and prevented me from earning more money in my small business.

    Contact Linda now at THE ADMIN GAP® to learn more about how you can quickly get your admin gaps filled and start enjoying the peace of mind you have been missing in your entrepreneurial endeavour.

    Lana Wickstrom, Separation Specialist
  • Linda Yip of THE ADMIN GAP® is phenomenal! She came to see our office and it's workings, and was able to quickly and efficiently offer tips and suggestions for improvement. An outside set of eyes on our business pulled back the curtains on the inefficiencies we hadn't seen before, and allowed us to step back and reassess our processes.

    Her timely advice right before interviews for our new hires made a big difference - we hired the right people!

    Linda is always professional, follows through on her commitments, and is an absolute joy to work with. I highly recommend working with Linda of THE ADMIN GAP®, as her vast skill set can really help any business. Yes, she's got that much experience and knowledge.

    Thank you Linda, for your help! We are excited to move forward and keep improving and growing.

    Amanda Perrot, Grounded Goodness
  • Having worked in the trenches with Linda for more than 5 years, there is no one I trust more to help me solve any problem and achieve any goal.

    Senior Legal Assistant
  • Linda is a natural problem-solver who understands the dynamics of the lawyer-assistant relationship.

  • You’ve identified a need I didn’t even know I had.

  • Linda’s comprehensive approach to assisting meant that I could concentrate on my legal practice and leave all the administrative details with her. We could all use an assistant like her.

  • Linda of THE ADMIN GAP® has helped me with advanced computer skills, improved filing systems, social media knowledge, event promotion, marketing material development / design, co-ordination of the design and printing my business cards, marketing materials and workshop materials, video production (and more). I recommend Linda of THE ADMIN GAP® and thank her for her assistance!

    Wendy Johnston, Next Step Financial Solutions
  • I didn't look at my benefits very closely. I probably missed all kinds of things I could have used. Thank you.

    Student, YWCA Trade Journey Program


Admin orientation

Do you need to onboard your new admin staffer? Do you have a solid onboarding process? Were you relying on the previous admin person to do the training, but they're gone? Let me help.

Admin projects

Are you giving a workshop? Do you need to revamp your process manual? Do you need marketing collateral? Are you moving offices and need to contact all your clients? If you're feeling ground down by everything you need to do, let me help.

Just the admin

Are you in need of admin, just not all the time? I can help you with 3 levels of ad-hoc, use-when-you-need admin support.

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    THE ADMIN GAP® is thrilled to be invited back to speak with the class of the YWCA Trade Journey Program. If you'd like a copy of the presentation, "How to survive your first (trades) job," complete with presenter's notes, please stay in touch! Sign up at the contact form below and get this presentation, plus need-to-know info on tackling the work world.

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    Why we do it

    Too many entrepreneurs are wasting precious time, money, and effort trying to do it all while having it all that they end up feeling out of control, burned out and frustrated. The Admin Gap wants to give you the focus that comes from being able to look up from your workspace – be it a desk or a coffee table – and know that everything is in its proper place. We stress your details like they were our details.


    Designing a suite of custom admin services
    Bringing your marketing ideas to life
    Getting your projects from To Do List to Done
    Giving you a system to build on

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