Emerging Entrepreneurs

Got a new business idea in mind? You'll need a plan and a process to get you there (because the napkin isn't big enough)!

Established Entrepreneurs

Hey there, wearer of 10 hats! How about you let me take care of some of that load for you?

What I do

I work with entrepreneurs. I love the passion and creativity my clients bring to their work, and believe me, I understand the fears and doubts. I’m an entrepreneur, too.

What do I do? I specialize in supporting two types of entrepreneurs.

Emerging Entrepreneurs

If you’re an Emerging Entrepreneur, you’ve got a great idea and you’ve decided to go into business for yourself. You’ve started telling friends and family about it, and you’re even signing a few clients. FANTASTIC! The trouble is, you’re not sure what comes next, and truth is, you kind of skipped through the business plan part. All those projections! How can you project cashflow from zero? You need a system, and a system that works for you, not the other way around.

I can help you.

Established Entrepreneurs

Hey there, entrepreneur! You wear 5 hats and get 10 things done before breakfast. You have to! You’re juggling work, home, kids, and somehow you’re also supposed to get to the gym? You’re getting some nice client flow, but the extra admin tasks are killing you. If only there was someone you could trust to take some of the odd jobs off your hands, and while you’re at it, look at your business process and offer a few ways of getting more out of your increasingly jam-packed day.

I can help you.


Business process coach

How do you make the magic happen? A good, repeatable process saves time and ensures consistency - just like a good chocolate cake recipe.


Need support from someone you can trust but aren't quite ready to hire FT? Let's talk.

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    February 20, 2020: Super excited to be sharing stories and lessons to the YWCA Career Moves Program today. Remember: nothing learned is wasted and life gives you lots of do-overs!


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