Job descriptions need more than task lists

A job is not only a list of tasks

If you’re like a lot of organized people, you keep a running To Do list. I do. But would you say that your To Do list, even all your To Do lists put together, is a good representation of the job you hold? Probably not. Similarly, I often wonder about what a prospective job might be like when reading job descriptions that are limited to bullet points. I wonder what they’re trying not to tell me. A lot of time and money is spent in hiring – why not start with a well-written job description? Is the job demanding? Good. Be upfront about it. A great hire will not be put off – indeed, she might seek the challenge. In any case, she’s going to find out later. It’s a little bit like dating – if they’re not a good prospect, it’s better to know as soon as possible, before things get messy.

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