What you think, you become – 4 ways to feed your creative, problem-solving self

How do you replenish your ability to get up and face the day’s problems? Your energy? Your creativity?

What’s that, you say? You’d really rather just go back to bed? Trust me: I hear you. And it’s OK. It’s also absolutely OK to spend a day in front of the TV, binge-watching Netflix.

My question for you is how are you going to tackle the day after that?

Or do you think you’re just not very creative, as though creativity is hereditary and you were not born with the creative gene? Well, how do you think problems get solved? I bet you’re using your imagination, and for good reason. Creativity is not only for artists. Nearly every job out there needs creative problem solvers.

I believe that what you think, you become. Your internal world is a mirror of the information you get from the outside world, all laid out over your beliefs and emotions. Employers love creative problem solvers. Entrepreneurs rely on creativity. So what if your creative skills are a little dusty? Here are 4 ways to get them re-energized:

  1. Read. If you’re not sure where to start, try this trio of bestsellers: Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, Ken Robinson’s The Element, and Adam Grant’s Originals. To me, reading a book is like having a wise friend to call on for support, any time I need it.
  2. Watch. We now have access to a huge library of knowledge, presented by experts, and all for free: TedTalks. Try David Kelley’s How to build your creative confidence. Or try Do schools kill creativity? by Ken Robinson. Check it out – 41.5 million other people have. (Yes, millions.)
  3. Talk. Surround yourself with positive people, and let the ideas flow. It’s like the opposite of advising: instead of sharing your experiences, share your imagination. (Pro tip: Write it down. I like to take notes on my phone.)
  4. Rest. Give yourself permission to take a day off to rejuvenate. (If you need someone else’s approval, I am happy to say that you are approved.)

So what are you doing to feed your creativity? Please comment and let me know.

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