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Event today: How to survive (& thrive) in your first office job – January 18, 7-8 pm

Congratulations! You’ve got the job!

Welcome to the world of 9-5, where the rules are unwritten and lifelong enemies can be made in your first week. Navigating the office presents a whole new set of challenges that wasn’t covered in the school curriculum. What should you expect in your first day on the job? In your first week? Are you really prepared to answer questions about your next of kin? Take heart – very few people are.

Beyond the bewildering array of information provided by HR, you’ll also be swamped with acronyms: IT, A/R, A/P, and it’s going to sound a lot like alphabet soup.

And it all of that wasn’t enough to contend with, you’ll likely have a whole new set of unwritten rules to absorb about your coworkers. Can you really make enemies by saying thank you the wrong way? How should you handle an angry client? Why is it good to avoid texting in business?

Are you curious? Listen to the interview with Julianne Hazlewood on CBC Radio Saskatoon on January 18 (5’35”):


Let Linda Yip of The Admin Gap help you or your employees on the all important first few months.

About me

Adam Grant said, “The most meaningful way to succeed is to help other people succeed.” I love helping people succeed, whether they’re new employees on the job, or employers wanting a successful hire. I combine decades of work experience with an honours business degree and a business of my own: 1 part theory with 2 parts real life experience: I walk this talk.

I’ve been mentoring staff for years, and I’ve seen some situations that could have gone so much better, so much less expensively, if they’d had the right advice at the right time. It’s like insurance on the new hire: wouldn’t you rather coach them early than replace them later?

What: How to survive (& thrive) in your first office job, followed by a Q&A

When: January 18, 7-8 pm

Where: Saskatoon Public Library, Cliff Wright Branch – 1635 McKercher Drive

Cost: FREE

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