I thought I’d share with you the top 8 questions people ask.

1. What is THE ADMIN GAP®?

The ADMIN GAP® provides coaching to help businesses find and fix their admin roadblocks.

2. What’s admin?

So glad you asked! I define “admin” as “managing the information to support the people to do the work.” So, it’s about information and people first. Then work.

Put another way, people need just the right information, in the right context, to get the job done.

3. Who do you serve?

THE ADMIN GAP® focuses on small businesses and sole-preneurs.

4. Why them, particularly?

I feel that small businesses and sole-preneurs are as much in need of great admin as large companies, but think the best time to tackle admin issues is down the road, when they’re bigger. Nothing could be further from the truth.

5. Are there any common issues that everybody has?

Absolutely yes! People (and their businesses) have trouble with getting organized, tackling conflict, and talking about money.

6. Why is organization important to a small business?

The one characteristic that all my clients have is they wear a lot of hats. Small business doesn’t have a department to take care of the website, for example. Running a small business means managing everything from the branding and the website to hanging the pictures in your office, and it just never ends. If there’s one thing that all entrepreneurs are constantly doing, it’s making decisions. Running a small business without organizing and processes takes all the fun out of being the owner, because you’re spending all your (so-called) free time worrying something important’s been missed.

7. So how do you help?

For my small business clients, I am a discreet coach who advises on admin issues. I saw one situation where my client had been baffled by a change in work culture – it was good, then all of a sudden it wasn’t. I helped pinpoint the cause.

I just did a workshop for an admin team that showed them a process for handling tough talks with clients.

It’s also pretty common to have troubles with the whole invoicing process, which causes all kinds of business woes.

For my entrepreneurs who are often drowning in their To Do lists, I help them organize, set up a process, and then help them get things done. I take them from drowning to done. You can imagine how that feels!

8. I’m interested. Can we talk?

Of course! The first consult is always free. After that, you can decide if now’s a good time to go forward.

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