Top 3 admin mistakes small business owners make about admin

In my line of work, I’m invited to go “behind the scenes” to see where the magic happens with small businesses. I love being able to bring my insights to see the gaps they might be missing. Here are my 3 most common admin misconceptions / fallacies / mistakes I see small businesses making with their admin.

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I’m Linda Yip of THE ADMIN GAP® .

Today I’m going to talk about the three most common issues I’m seeing in small business today.

Here we go!

“I just need someone to answer the phone.”

When I see businesses hiring someone to “Just answer the phone'” I see them solving a short-term need with a long-term answer. The person who is hired to speak for your business on your behalf is: building and developing your client relationship; they’re frequently handling conflicts; they’re often handling the money; and they’re also the face of the business.

Number two:

“They’ll figure it out.”

Sometimes I see businesses asking their admin staff to just figure out the job, not realizing an admin person has a lot on their plate to figure out: what exactly do you do; why should your customers buy from you; who are your customers; and what’s their role in all of that? That’s a lot of things to figure out. If you’re asking someone to figure it out, they probably will, but they might not figure it out the way that you want them to.

Lastly, and this one’s the most common by far:

“I don’t have time to write it down.”

It can seem really overwhelming. A good process, written down, will give you confidence, show progress, and give you measurable outcomes – the keys to business success.

I’m Linda Yip of THE ADMIN GAP®. Those are the three most common admin issues I am seeing in small business today. Thanks for watching!

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